When it’s cold outside, snuggle up with Slumber. The wonderful new way to make temperatures rise and heating bills fall !
Slumber incorporates imported heating elements in a modern, safe and efficient design-and conforms to British standards for electrical blankets.
Slumber’s concealed insulated heaters are totally flexible and water resistant. And it has nine thermal cut-outs to prevent overheating due to misuse or accident.

Super-simple!Simply super!
Even your kids can use Slumber… it’s so simple to operate. A separate module is attached to the blanket by a four-metre long cord, for convenience, in case the a.c. outlet is far away. Just switch on Slumber about 20 minutes before bedtime. And a warm, blissful bed will welcome you. Later, use Slumber as an overblanket through the night, setting a constant temperature whether the room gets warmer or colder.
The cormfot of saving
Slumber operates at one-tenth the electricity cost of a room heater. This means a saving of atleast Rs.200 every month on bedroom heating.

Slurnber for two
Its double bed size-84″ x 72″ and its fine brushed terecotton comfort makes it great for sharing. Light and easy to handle, it offers warmth without weight.
Available in attractive colours.


Voltage 220-240 volts a.c.
Power 180 watts
Temperature Continuously variable depending upon setting. Safety cut-outs
preset to switch off at 60°C. Incorporates a lighted double pole switch
and appropriate radio requency suppression.
Cord Length 1 mtr. from blanket to regulator
4 mtrs. from regulator to plug.
Guarantee 1 year against manufacturing defects.

Laundering instructions
Disconnect the module from the blanket and then dryclean. In case blanket gets wet, use only when completely dry.


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